General Questions

How many companies can be created in your software?

You can create Unlimited number of companies in our software, there is No Limit for number of units you want to create

What is the procedure for Annual AMC Charges, Firm-Wise or Single Package charges?

The AMC to be paid for Single Package or Software only, you can create multiple firms in one software, if you wish to have more software copies there will be AMC for each package installed

How many types of business work in your software?

You can manage businesses like Kachi Aarath, Pakki Aarath, Rice Sheller, Cotton Factory, Oil Mills Unit, Spinning Mills, & With Yield Chart through our software

Do you have production entry in your software? And how it works?

Per Day Change of % Production Entry Req

Is there any Security wise feature in your Software?

Yes, there is security feature for various levels in our software like User Wise Company Setting Separate & Lock To All Entry, Back Date Lock, No Change & Delete Rights To User

Ladger,Cash Book,Day Book,Trail Balance,Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet How to Open Time

Within time Second use Not For 1 Mint Use

Gst No Wrongly To Fillup Software is Show Msg Y/N

Y Not Any 1 Digit Wrong Posting To Msg On Screen

Stock Register Dally Opening Closing & Issue Received

Booth Req in Pakage

Pesticides Invoice (Pesticides + Fertilizers + Seeds) Single Invoice Generate

No My Package is single invoice Generate Window one Time 5 Bill Book is multi Running & After Products Fill Any Type To Generate Separate Separate Bill

Your Package I Form & J From Entry Separate Separate

No I Form J From Entry in single window Multi J From Example 20000 bags wheat Bill Government Agency Example Punsup, Pungrain, PSWC, Against 15 Farmer single Entry Post

Do you have Trading AC, is it Combine or Separate?

Both, the software has both the features for handling Trading Accounts. You can use it as separate and combine according to the requirement.

Is there any Direct Cheque Printing feature Available?

Yes , the owner can create and print the Cheque through this software only, you don’t have to work double for printing your Cheques

Do you have GST RETURN ALL FORM AVAILABLE in your software?

YES, all the forms are available in our Software

Ledger, Reports,& other Documents PDF,EXEL Convert Available

Yes Available & Multi Types of Formate Convert

Do you have Sauda Register Available in this Software

Yes , it is Available in AarathPlus Software

Is your Software has GST Debit & Credit Note & Expense With TDS Deduction Voucher in it?

YES, Our Software will Help you with GST Debit, Credit Notes and Calculating Expense reports with TDS . Also, it is an auto calculation Voucher Facility

Do you have TDS Return Available in this Software?

Yes, Our software will help you calculating the TDS and Creating the TDS Return report

Is there any Purchase Entry To Auto TDS Debit To Party & Credit To TDC A/C Feature in the software?

Yes, it is Available in our Software

Do you have Bank Reconciliation Available through software

Yes, It is available With opening Date Wise & Dr & Cr Side Separate Separate Use